NIBSC07/350 Blood Coagulation Factor VIII Concentrate (8th I.S.)

NIBSC07/350  Blood Coagulation Factor VIII Concentrate (8th I.S.)


Product description Blood Coagulation Factor VIII Concentrate (8th I.S.)
Product number 07/350 NIBSC07/350
Category Biotherapeutics HaemostasisBiotherapeutics
Keywords Factor VIII Concentrate Haemophilia A Hemophila A
Type of standard International Standard
Customer notes 8th IS. Replaces 99/678. Store at -20°C. Shipped at ambient.This item is on restriction until a replacement is available in 2023. Please only order the minimum amount needed. Quantities shipped may be reduced to preserve stocks.
Instructions for Use 07-350.pdf Instructions for Use
Minimum quantity 1


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