0809-A2 转基因大豆MON87701种子粉末标准品Soybean MON87701 Powder

0809-A2 转基因大豆MON87701种子粉末标准品Soybean MON87701 Powder

AOCS 0809-A2 转基因大豆MON87701种子粉末标准品 has been prepared by AOCS from soybean devitalized seed. AOCS 0809-A2 is available in 27-mL glass headspace vials containing approximately 10 g of material. Users are informed that this reference material has been produced from devitalized seed of MON 87701 soybean delivered by Bayer CropScience. The MON 87701 soybean seed used to prepare AOCS 0809-A2 were homozygous resulting from several cycles of self-pollination.

AOCS以大豆失活种子为原料制备了AOCS 0809-A2。AOCS 0809-A2装在含有约10g材料的27mL玻璃顶部空间小瓶中。用户被告知,该参考物质是由拜耳作物科学公司交付的MON 87701大豆的失活种子生产的。用于制备AOCS 0809-A2的MON 87701大豆种子是由几个周期的自授粉产生的纯合种子。 Soybean MON87701 Powder


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