0809-A2 MON87701 Powder/Soybean Monsanto MON87701 powder

0809-A2 MON87701 Powder/Soybean Monsanto MON87701 powder

AOCS 0809-A2 MON87701 Powder was prepared from MON87701 soybeans provided by Monsanto Company. MON87701 contains the cry1Ac gene to confer lepidopteran insect resistance. AOCS 0809-A2 is available in 10 g of powder, packaged in 27-mL glass headspace vials.

This is the second batch of MON 87701 soybean CRM prepared by AOCS for Bayer CropScience. It was produced in October 2019. The certified value is based on a sample purity of 99.2% (714 out of 720 seeds tested positive for MON 87701). With 95% confidence, the true value is ≥ 984 g/kg. The measurement uncertainty is the expanded uncertainty with a coverage factor of 1.65 and confidence level of 95%.

AOCS 0809-A2由孟山都公司提供的MON87701大豆制备。MON87701含有赋予鳞翅目昆虫抗性的cry1Ac基因。AOCS 0809-A2装在10g粉末中,包装在27mL玻璃顶空小瓶中。 Soybean Monsanto MON87701 powder

这是AOCS为拜耳作物科学公司准备的第二批MON 87701大豆CRM。它制作于2019年10月。认证值基于99.2%的样品纯度(720颗种子中有714颗MON 87701检测呈阳性)。在95%置信度下,真实值≥984g/kg。测量不确定度是覆盖因子为1.65、置信水平为95%的扩展不确定度。


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