0707-B11 转基因大豆A2704-12叶组织DNA标准品 Soybean A2704-12 Leaf Tissue DNA

0707-B11 转基因大豆A2704-12叶组织DNA标准品 Soybean A2704-12 Leaf Tissue DNA

AOCS 0707-B11 转基因大豆A2704-12叶组织DNA标准品 has been prepared by AOCS from homozygous genomic soybean DNA extracted from clean leaves. AOCS 0707-B15 is available in sterile, 0.5 mL skirted screw-cap self-sealing tubes containing approximately 10 μg of DNA. Each sample contains approximately 45.6 μL at a concentration of 150.7 ng/μL. Users are informed that this reference material has been produced from genomic DNA extracted from clean leaves of A2704-12 soybean by BASF Agricultural Solutions Seed US LLC. The A2704-12 soybean used in the preparation of AOCS 0707-B15 resulted from several cycles of self-pollination of the A2704-12 line.

AOCS 0707-B15是由从洁净叶片中提取的纯合基因组大豆DNA制备的。AOCS 0707-B15可提供无菌、0.5 mL带裙螺帽的自密封管,其中含有约10μg DNA。每个样品含有约45.6μL,浓度为150.7纳克/μL。用户被告知,该参考材料是由巴斯夫农业解决方案种子美国有限责任公司从A2704-12大豆的清洁叶片中提取的基因组DNA生产的。用于制备AOCS 0707-B15的A2704-12大豆源于A2704-12品系的几个自花授粉周期。 Soybean A2704-12 Leaf Tissue DNA


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