0707-B14 A2704-12 Leaf Tissue DNA/ Soybean BASF Event A2704-12 Leaf DNA

0707-B14 A2704-12 Leaf Tissue DNA/ Soybean BASF Event A2704-12 Leaf DNA

AOCS 0707-B14 A2704-12 Leaf Tissue DNA was prepared from soybean genomic DNA extracted from clean A2704-12 soybean leaves by BASF Agricultural Solutions Seed US LLC. A2704-12 contains the pat gene to confer glufosinate herbicide resistance. AOCS 0707-B15 is available in sterile, 0.5 ml skirted, screw-cap, self-sealing tubes containing approximately 10 µg extracted DNA.

AOCS 0707-B15由BASF Agricultural Solutions Seed US LLC从清洁的A2704-12大豆叶片中提取的大豆基因组DNA制备。A2704-12含有赋予草膦除草剂抗性的pat基因。AOCS 0707-B15有无菌、0.5 ml带裙、螺帽、自密封管,其中含有约10µg提取的DNA。 Soybean BASF Event A2704-12 Leaf DNA


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