1114-C 转基因玉米MZHG0JG种子粉末标准品 Maize MZHG0JG Powder

1114-C 转基因玉米MZHG0JG种子粉末标准品 Maize MZHG0JG Powder

AOCS 1114-C 转基因玉米MZHG0JG种子粉末标准品 has been prepared by AOCS from hemizygous maize seed. AOCS 1114-C is available in 27-mL glass headspace vials containing approximately 10 g of material. Users are informed that this reference material has been produced from seed powder of NP2391/NP2222 (MZHG0JG) maize delivered by Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC. The hybrid NP2391/NP2222 (MZHG0JG) maize used in the preparation of AOCS 1114-C resulted from the cross of female non-transgenic NP2391 and male NP2222 (MZHG0JG).

AOCS以玉米半合子种子为原料,制备了AOCS1114-C。AOCS 1114-C装在含有约10g材料的27mL玻璃顶部空间小瓶中。用户获悉,该参考材料由先正达作物保护有限责任公司交付的NP2391/NP2222(MZHG0JG)玉米种子粉末制成。用于制备AOCS 1114-C的杂交NP2391/NP2222(MZHG0JG)玉米是由雌性非转基因NP2391和雄性NP2222的杂交产生的。 Maize MZHG0JG Powder


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