1114-C MZHG0JG Powder/Maize Syngenta Crop Protection LLC Event MZHG0JG powder

1114-C MZHG0JG Powder/Maize Syngenta Crop Protection LLC Event MZHG0JG powder

AOCS 1114-C MZHG0JG Powder was prepared from MZHG0JG maize provided by Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC. MZHG0JG maize contains the mepsps-02 and pat-09 transgenes to confer tolerance to glyphosate and glufosinate-ammonium herbicides. AOCS 1114-C is available in 10 g of powder, packaged in 27-mL glass headspace vials.

This is the first batch of NP2391/NP2222 (MZHG0JG) maize CRM prepared by AOCS for Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC. The certified value is based on a sample purity of 98% (390 out of 398 seeds tested positive for MZHG0JG maize). With 95% confidence, the true value is ≥ 964 g/kg. The measurement uncertainty is truncated on the right side such that the value does not exceed 1000 g/kg. The measurement uncertainty is the expanded uncertainty with a coverage factor of 2 and confidence level of 95%.

AOCS 1114-C是由先正达作物保护有限责任公司提供的MZHG0JG玉米制备的。MZHG0JT玉米含有mepps-02和pat-09转基因,可赋予对草甘膦和草膦铵除草剂的耐受性。AOCS 1114-C装在10g粉末中,包装在27mL玻璃顶空小瓶中。

这是AOCS为先正达作物保护有限责任公司制备的第一批NP2391/NP2222(MZHG0JG)玉米CRM。认证值基于98%的样品纯度(398颗种子中有390颗MZHG0JG玉米检测呈阳性)。在95%置信度下,真实值≥964 g/kg。测量不确定度在右侧截断,使其值不超过1000 g/kg。测量不确定度是覆盖因子为2、置信水平为95%的扩展不确定度。 Maize Syngenta Crop Protection LLC Event MZHG0JG powder


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