0610-A4 转基因大豆FG72叶组织DNA标准品Soybean FG72 Leaf Tissue DNA

0610-A4 转基因大豆FG72叶组织DNA标准品Soybean FG72 Leaf Tissue DNA

AOCS 0610-A4 转基因大豆FG72叶组织DNA标准品 has been prepared by AOCS from homozygous genomic soybean DNA extracted from clean leaves. AOCS 0610-A6 is available in sterile,0.5 mL skirted screw-cap self-sealing tubes containing approximately 10 μg of DNA. Each sample contains approximately 35.8 µL at a concentration of 279.3 ng/µL. Users are informed that this reference material has been produced from genomic DNA extracted from clean leaves of FG72 soybean by BASF Agricultural Solutions Seed US LLC. The FG72 soybean used in the preparation of AOCS 0610-A6 resulted from several cycles of self-pollination of the FG72 line.

AOCS 0610-A6是由从干净的叶子中提取的纯合基因组大豆DNA制备的。AOCS 0610-A6可提供无菌、0.5 mL带裙螺帽的自密封管,其中含有约10μg DNA。每个样品含有约35.8µL,浓度为279.3纳克/µL。用户被告知,该参考材料是由巴斯夫农业解决方案种子美国有限责任公司从FG72大豆的清洁叶片中提取的基因组DNA生产的。用于制备AOCS 0610-A6的FG72大豆是由FG72系的几个自授粉周期产生的。 Soybean FG72 Leaf Tissue DNA


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