0818-A2 转基因玉米MON 87419种子粉末标准品Maize MON87419 Powder

0818-A2 转基因玉米MON 87419种子粉末标准品Maize MON87419 Powder

AOCS 0818-A2 转基因玉米MON 87419种子粉末标准品 has been prepared by AOCS from maize seed. AOCS 0818-A2 is available in 27-mL glass headspace vials containing approximately 10 g of material. Users are informed that this reference material has been produced from milled seed of MON 87419 maize delivered by Bayer CropScience. MON 87419 maize seed used to prepare AOCS 0818-A2 were hemizygous through successive breeding generations, and the donor for the MON 87419 maize event was the female parent.

AOCS 0818-A2由AOCS从玉米种子中制备。AOCS 0818-A2装在含有约10g材料的27mL玻璃顶部空间小瓶中。用户被告知,该参考材料是由拜耳作物科学公司交付的MON 87419玉米的碾磨种子制成的。用于制备AOCS 0818-A2的MON 87419玉米种子是经过连续育种世代的半合子,MON 874-19玉米事件的供体是母本。 Maize MON87419 Powder


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