0407-A Non-Modified Powder/Maize Syngenta Non-Modified Powder

0407-A Non-Modified Powder/Maize Syngenta Non-Modified Powder

AOCS 0407-A Non-Modified Powder was prepared from non-modified maize provided by Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC. It is recommended that this be used as the blank (negative control) for the 0407-B (GA21) and 1208-A3 (MIR162). AOCS 0407-A is available in 10 g of powder, packaged in 27-mL glass headspace vials.

This is the first batch of non-modified maize CRM prepared by AOCS for Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC. A total of 3000 seeds (10 aliquots of 300 seeds) were evaluated and all of the aliquots tested negative for GA21, MIR162, MIR604 and MZHG0JG maize. With 95% confi-dence, the true value is < 1 g/kg. The measurement uncertainty is the expanded uncertainty with a coverage factor of 1.65 and a confidence level of 95%. Maize Syngenta Non-Modified Powder


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