0321-A MON 87429 Powder/Maize Bayer CropScience Event MON87429 powder

0321-A MON 87429 Powder/Maize Bayer CropScience Event MON87429 powder

AOCS 0321-A MON 87429 Powder was prepared from MON 87429 maize seed provided by Bayer CropScience. MON 87429 confers herbicide tolerance to dicamba, glufosinate, FOP’s and 2,4-D, and provides a glyphosate-based hybridization system. AOCS 0321-A was prepared from devitalized maize seed provided by Bayer CropScience. AOCS 0321-A is available in 10 g of powder, packaged in 27 ml glass headspace vials.

This is the first batch of MON 87429 maize CRM prepared by AOCS for Bayer CropScience. It was produced in June 2021. The certified value is based on a sample purity of 100% (720 out of 720 seeds tested positive for MON 87429). With 95% confidence, the true value is ≥ 996 g/kg. The measurement uncertainty is truncated on the right side such that the value does not exceed 1000 g/kg. The measurement uncertainity is the expanded uncertainity with a coverage factor of 2 and confidence level of 95%. Maize Bayer CropScience Event MON87429 powder


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