0306-H11 T25 Leaf Tissue DNA/ Maize BASF Event T25 Leaf DNA

0306-H11 T25 Leaf Tissue DNA/ Maize BASF Event T25 Leaf DNA

AOCS 0306-H11 T25 Leaf Tissue DNA was prepared from maize genomic DNA extracted from clean T25 maize leaves by BASF Agricultural Solutions Seed US LLC. T25 contains the pat (syn) and bla genes to confer glufosinate herbicide tolerance and antibiotic resistance. AOCS 0306-H11 is available in sterile, 0.5 ml skirted, screw-cap, self-sealing tubes containing approximately 10 µg extracted DNA. This is the eleventh batch of T25 Maize CRM prepared by AOCS for BASF Agricultural Solutions Seed US LLC

AOCS 0306-H11由BASF Agricultural Solutions Seed US LLC.从干净的T25玉米叶中提取的玉米基因组DNA制备。T25含有pat(syn)和bla基因,赋予草膦除草剂耐受性和抗生素抗性。AOCS 0306-H11有无菌、0.5 ml带裙、螺帽、自密封管,其中含有约10µg提取的DNA。这是AOCS为巴斯夫农业解决方案种子美国有限责任公司准备的第十一批T25玉米CRM, Maize BASF Event T25 Leaf DNA


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