0804-A2 Non-Modified Powder 10 g/Cotton Monsanto Event Non-Modified powder

0804-A2 Non-Modified Powder 10 g/Cotton Monsanto Event Non-Modified powder

AOCS 0804-A2 was prepared from non-modified cottonseed provided by Monsanto Company. AOCS 0804-A2 is available in 10 g of powder, packaged in 27-mL glass headspace vials.

This is the second batch of non-modified cotton CRM prepared by AOCS for Bayer CropScience. It was produced in February 2021. The certified value is based on a sample impurity of 0% (3750 out of 3750 seeds tested negative for all of the above events). With 95% confidence,the true value is < 0.8 g/kg. The measurement uncertainty is the expanded uncertainty with a coverage factor of 1.65 and confidence level of 95%.

AOCS 0804-A2是由孟山都公司提供的未改性棉籽制备的。AOCS 0804-A2装在10g粉末中,包装在27mL玻璃顶空小瓶中。 Cotton Monsanto Event Non-Modified powder

这是AOCS为拜耳作物科学公司准备的第二批非改性棉花CRM。它制作于2021年2月。认证值基于0%的样品杂质(3750粒种子中的3750粒对上述所有事件均呈阴性)。置信度为95%时,真实值<0.8 g/kg。测量不确定度是覆盖因子为1.65、置信水平为95%的扩展不确定度。 0804-A2 Non-Modified Powder 10 g


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