CRM-PnTX-G Pinnatoxin-G Calibration Solution CRM

CRM-PnTX-G   Pinnatoxin-G Calibration Solution CRM

Description: CRM-PnTX-G is a certified calibration solution for the determination of pinnatoxin-G (PnTX-G) by chemical analysis methods. Each ampoule contains ~0.5 mL of a 2.77 μmol/L solution of PnTX-G in methanol (with 0.01% acetic acid).

Application field(s): Food Safety/ Pinnatoxin-G Calibration Solution CRM

Analyte group(s): Algal toxins

Unit: 0.5 mL/ampoule(The reference materials are packaged in approximate quantities. Please check quarantine restrictions in your country to ensure smooth transfer of the reference materials from Canada to the destination.)

Ships from: Halifax

Product documentation: CRM-PnTX-G

Certificate of Analysis date of issue: December, 2014

Certificate of Analysis last update: April, 2023


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