CRM-MCRR Microcystin-RR Calibration Solution CRM

CRM-MCRR      Microcystin-RR Calibration Solution CRM


Microcystin-RR Calibration Solution CRM       微囊藻毒素RR校准溶液CRM

Environment, Food Safety       环境、食品安全

Cyanobacterial toxins      蓝藻毒素

0.5 mL/ampoule       0.5毫升/安瓿

Description: CRM‑MCRR is a certified calibration solution for the determination of microcystin‑RR. Each ampoule contains ~0.5 mL of solution MCRR dissolved in aqueous methanol (1:1 v/v) at a concentration of 9.91 µmol per litre.

Application field(s): Environment, Food Safety

Analyte group(s): Cyanobacterial toxins

Unit: 0.5 mL/ampoule

(The reference materials are packaged in approximate quantities. Please check quarantine restrictions in your country to ensure smooth transfer of the reference materials from Canada to the destination.)

Ships from: Halifax

Product documentation: CRM-MCRR

Certificate of Analysis date of issue: August, 2013

Certificate of Analysis last update: April, 2023


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