NIST- SRM 915c Calcium Carbonate

NIST- SRM 915c  Calcium Carbonate


The certified values delivered by this Standard Reference Material (SRM) are intended for calibration and standardization of procedures for calcium (Ca) determinations employed in clinical analysis and for routine critical evaluation of the daily working standards used in these procedures. Additionally, the certified values can be used to validate analytical methods for determining calcium and carbonate.

本标准参考物质(SRM)提供的认证值旨在校准和标准化临床分析中使用的钙(Ca)测定程序,以及对这些程序中使用的日常工作标准进行常规关键评估。此外,认证值可用于验证测定钙和碳酸盐的分析方法。 NIST- SRM 915c


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