NIST-SRM 913b Uric Acid

NIST-SRM 913b Uric Acid


This Standard Reference Material (SRM) is certified as a chemical of known purity. It is intended primarily for use in the calibration and standardization of procedures for uric acid determinations employed in clinical analysis and for routine critical evaluation of the daily working standards used in these procedures. A unit of SRM 913b consists of one bottle containing 10 g of crystalline uric acid.

本标准参考物质(SRM)经认证为已知纯度的化学品。它主要用于临床分析中使用的尿酸测定程序的校准和标准化,以及这些程序中使用的日常工作标准的常规关键评估。SRM 913b的一个单元由一个装有10g结晶尿酸的瓶子组成。


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