Reference Material Certificate – Document accompanying a certified reference material stating one or more property values and their uncertainties, and confirming that the necessary procedures have been carried out to ensure their validity and traceability. (ISO Guide 30: 1992)

标准物质证书/参考材料证书-附有认证参考材料的文件,说明一个或多个属性值及其不确定性,并确认已执行必要程序以确保其有效性和可追溯性。(ISO Guide 30: 1992)

NIST Standard Reference Material® (SRM) – A CRM issued by NIST that also meets additional NIST-specific certification criteria and is issued with a certificate or certificate of analysis that reports the results of its characterizations and provides information regarding the appropriate use(s) of the material (NIST SP 260-136). Note: An SRM is prepared and used for three main purposes: (1) to help develop accurate methods of analysis; (2) to calibrate measurement systems used to facilitate exchange of goods, institute quality control, determine performance characteristics, or measure a property at the state-of-the-art limit; and (3) to ensure the long-term adequacy and integrity of measurement quality assurance programs. The term “Standard Reference Material” is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 美国NIST

NIST标准参考材料®SRM/NIST标准物质(SRM——由NIST发布的CRM,也符合其他NIST特定认证标准,并附有报告其特性结果并提供证书或分析证书(NIST SP 260-136)。注:SRM的编制和使用有三个主要目的:

(1)帮助开发准确的分析方法; 可追溯标准物质证书

(2) 校准用于促进货物交换、建立质量控制、确定性能特征或以最先进的极限测量财产的测量系统;


NIST Reference Material – Material issued by NIST with a report of investigation instead of a certificate to: (1) further scientific or technical research; (2) determine the efficacy of a prototype reference material; (3) provide a homogeneous and stable material so that investigators in different laboratories can be ensured that they are investigating the same material; and (4) ensure availability when a material produced and certified by an organization other than NIST is defined to be in the public interest or when an alternate means of national distribution does not exist. A NIST RM meets the ISO definition for a RM and may meet the ISO definition for a CRM (depending on the organization that produced it).



(2) 确定原型参考材料的功效;

(3) 提供均匀稳定的材料,以确保不同实验室的研究人员能够调查相同的材料;

(4)当NIST以外的组织生产和认证的材料被定义为符合公共利益或不存在替代的国家分发方式时,确保可用性。NIST RM符合RM的ISO定义,也可能符合CRM的ISO定义(取决于生产该RM的组织)。

NIST Research Grade Test Material (RGTM) – A material evaluated during the SRM/RM development phase.  RGTMs may be distributed in a NIST-sponsored interlaboratory inter-comparison to determine the fit for purpose of the candidate SRM/RM material.  It is prepared to be homogeneous and stable but typically has not been quantitatively evaluated for all properties of potential interest.


NIST Traceable Reference MaterialTM(NTRMTM) – A commercially-produced reference material with a well-defined traceability linkage to existing NIST standards for chemical measurements. This traceability linkage is established via criteria and protocols defined by NIST to meet the needs of the metrological community to be served (NIST SP 260-136). Reference materials producers adhering to these requirements are allowed use of the NTRM trademark. A NIST NTRM may be recognized by a regulatory authority as being equivalent to a CRM .

NIST可追溯参考材料TMNTRMTM-一种商业生产的参考材料,具有与现有NIST化学测量标准明确的可追溯性联系。通过NIST定义的标准和协议建立可追溯性联系,以满足所服务的计量界的需求(NIST SP 260-136)。符合这些要求的参考材料制造商可以使用NTRM商标。NIST NTRM可被监管机构认定为等同于CRM。

NIST Certified Value – A value reported on an SRM certificate or certificate of analysis for which NIST has the highest confidence in its accuracy in that all known or suspected sources of bias have been fully investigated or accounted for by NIST. (NIST SP 260-136)

NIST认证值——在SRM证书或分析证书上报告的值,NIST对其准确性有最高的信心,因为所有已知或怀疑的偏差源均已由NIST充分调查或解释。(NIST SP 260-136)

NIST Reference Value – A best estimate of the true value provided on a NIST certificate, certificate of analysis, or report of investigation where all known or suspected sources of bias have not been fully investigated by NIST. (NIST SP 260-136)

NIST参考值——NIST证书、分析证书或调查报告中提供的真实值的最佳估计值,其中所有已知或怀疑的偏差来源均未经NIST充分调查。(NIST SP 260-136)

NIST SRM Certificate or Certificate of Analysis – In accordance with ISO Guide 31: 2000, a NIST SRM certificate is a document containing the name, description, and intended purpose of the material, the logo of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the name of NIST as a certifying body, instructions for proper use and storage of the material, certified property value(s) with associated uncertainty(ies), method(s) used to obtain property values, the period of validity, if appropriate, and any other technical information deemed necessary for its proper use. A Certificate is issued for an SRM certified for one or more specific physical or engineering performance properties and may contain NIST reference, information, or both values in addition to certified values. A Certificate of Analysis is issued for an SRM certified for one or more specific chemical properties. Note: ISO Guide 31 is updated periodically; check with ISO for the latest version.

NIST SRM证书或分析证书-根据ISO Guide 31: 2000,NIST SRM证书是一份包含材料名称、描述和预期用途、美国商务部标志、NIST认证机构名称、材料正确使用和储存说明、认证财产价值及相关不确定性的文件,用于获取财产价值的方法、有效期(如适用)以及其正确使用所需的任何其他技术信息。针对一个或多个特定物理或工程性能财产认证的SRM颁发证书,除认证值外,还可能包含NIST参考、信息或这两个值。针对一个或多个特定化学财产认证的SRM颁发分析证书。

NIST Certificate of Traceability – Document stating the purpose, protocols, and measurement pathways that support claims by an NTRM to specific NIST standards or stated references. No NIST certified values are provided, but rather the document references a specific NIST report of analysis, bears the logo of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the name of NIST as a certifying body, and the name and title of the NIST officer authorized to accept responsibility for its contents.


NIST RM Report of Investigation – Document issued with a NIST RM that contains all the technical information necessary for proper use of the material, the logo of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the name and title of the NIST officer authorized to issue it. There are no NIST certified values provided, and authorship of a report’s contents may be by an organization other than NIST.

NIST RM调查报告-与NIST RM一起发布的文件,其中包含正确使用材料所需的所有技术信息、美国商务部的标志以及授权发布该报告的NIST官员的姓名和职务。未提供任何NIST认证值,报告内容的作者可能是NIST以外的组织。

NIST Report of Analysis (ROA) – Document containing the certification of the material and including such information as the base material used, how the SRM was manufactured, the certification method(s) and description of procedures, outside collaborators, instructions for use, special instructions for packaging, handling, and storage, and plan for stability testing. The ROA is intended for internal NIST use only