NIBSC08/214 Meningococcal Serogroup C polysaccharide (1st International Standard)

NIBSC08/214 Meningococcal Serogroup C polysaccharide (1st International Standard)


Product Number 08/214 NIBSC08/214
Product Description Meningococcal Serogroup C polysaccharide (1st International Standard)
Type of Standard International Standard
Category Vaccines > Meningococcal typing and ELISA reagents
Instructions for Use 08-214.pdf
Keywords Meningococcal,Neisseria meningitidiis,polysaccaride,serogroup C
Related Products 07/318,
Customer Notes Limited to 5 vials per customer per year for quantifying amount of MenC polysaccharide in vaccines. Customers requiring MenC polysaccharide as a coating reagent for ELISA should use 07/318.
Minimum Quantity 1



01/412     Anti-Meningococcal Immunotype L3,7,9 Monoclonal Antibody      抗脑膜炎球菌免疫型L3,7,9单克隆抗体

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04/198     Anti-Meningococcal Serotype P3.1 mAb 抗脑膜炎球菌血清型p3.1单克隆抗体

03/182     Anti-Meningococcal Serotype P3.21 mAb        抗脑膜炎球菌血清型p3.21单克隆抗体

02/308     Anti-Meningococcal Serotype P3.4 mAb 抗脑膜炎球菌血清型p3.4单克隆抗体

03/224     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.10 mAb 抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.10单克隆抗体

04/122     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.12 mAb 抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.12单克隆抗体

03/236     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.13 mAb 抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.13单克隆抗体

03/142     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.14 mAb 抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.14单克隆抗体

02/144     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.15 mAb 抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.15单克隆抗体

01/538     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.16 mAb 抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.16单克隆抗体

04/248     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.19 mAb 抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.19单克隆抗体

03/114     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.1 mAb   抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.1单克隆抗体

02/178     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.2 mAb   抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.2单克隆抗体

02/320     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.3 mAb   抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.3单克隆抗体

02/148     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.4 mAb   抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.4单克隆抗体

03/226     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.5 mAb   抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.5单克隆抗体

01/514     Anti-Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.7 Monoclonal Antibody          抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.7单克隆抗体

05/190     Anti Meningococcal Serosubtype P1.9 Monoclonal Antibody 抗脑膜炎球菌血清亚型p1.9单克隆抗体

04/246     Anti-Meningococcal Serogroup W-135 mAb   抗脑膜炎球菌血清组W-135单克隆抗体

01/426     Meningococcal group Y polysaccharide  脑膜炎球菌Y群多糖 01/428     Meningococcal serogroup W polysaccharide 脑膜炎球菌血清群W多糖