NIBSC02/168 Prekallikrein Activator (PKA), Human

NIBSC02/168 Prekallikrein Activator (PKA), Human


Product Number NIBSC02/168
Product Description Prekallikrein Activator (PKA), Human(2nd International Standard)
Type of Standard International Standard
Category Biotherapeutics > Haemostasis
Instructions for Use 02-168.pdf
Keywords Albumin
Related Products 79/572,
Customer Notes Standard for the determination of prekallikrein contamination in albumin.Order limit 6 per order. Aworking (secondary) standard, traceable to the IS, for more routine use, is available from the EDQM.
Minimum Quantity 1



02/168     Prekallikrein Activator (PKA), Human(2nd International Standard)         前激肽释放酶激活剂(pka),人(第二国际标准)

79/572     Prekallikrein Activator (PKA), Human      前激肽释放酶激活剂(pka),人