SRM 967a – Creatinine in Frozen Human Serum


SRM 967a – Creatinine in Frozen Human Serum

产品名称         Description:     Creatinine in Frozen Human Serum

产品批号         Lot:  N/A

产品有效期     Unit of Issue:   4 vials x 1 mL

产品包装       Status:     Now Selling

销售状态         Certificate Date:      11/24/2015

COA日期         Certificate Date:      2/9/2016

运输条件         Perishable:       Yes (Dry Ice: 9.0 – Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods)

是否危险品     Hazardous Material:        No

运输方式         Material Hazard Class:   Not Hazardous to Ship  


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